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Now downloading for Linux...
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Replay is currently available for Mac OS X & Linux. Windows support is coming soon
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Individuals and communities will always be able to use Replay for free.



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Our Pricing Philosophy

Replay will always be free for local development, open source, and collaboration.
Debugging your app locally
Posting a question on StackOverflow
Adding a replay to a GitHub issue
Sharing a replay with friends

Collaborate across your team

Team workspaces make it easy to collaborate across the organization, manage recordings, and track conversations so that bugs get fixed faster.

Only pay for developers on your team

Replay is best when anyone on the team can record and collaborate within Replay. This is why we encourage everyone on the team to join and you only pay per developer.

Create recordings programmatically

Record Node scripts and Playwright and Puppeteer tests in CI with API Keys. With Replay, you can record the flakey test once and debug it directly.