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Individuals and open source communities will always be able to use Replay for free.



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100 recordings per month
Privacy controls
Google SSO



per month / per developer
Create Team
1,000 recordings per month
Up to 10 users + developers
Source map uploads
Record automated tests



per month / per developer
Create Organization
10,000 recordings per month
Up to 100 users + developers
Account-level access controls
Additional organizational settings
Additional SSO integrations e.g. Okta, SAML 2.0


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Unlimited recordings
Ability to host your own storage
Custom contract
Dedicated support

Individual Plan

Replay will always be free for local development, open source, and collaboration.

Replay is perfect for

Debugging your app locally
Posting a question on StackOverflow
Adding a replay to a GitHub issue
Getting feedback from friends

Private by default

Replays are private by default so that you have the ability to decide if you would like to make your replay publicly available or invite collaborators.

Single Sign On Authentication

Google SSO is available by default for all of our plan levels because security should not be expensive.
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Team Plan

Team workspaces make it easy to collaborate, manage recordings, and track conversations so that bugs get fixed faster.

Only pay for developers on your team

Replay is best when anyone on the team can record and collaborate within Replay. This is why teams can be up to ten users and you only pay per developer.

Upload Source Maps

Upload source maps at deploy time to Replay's secure backend with our Webpack and Next.js integrations or CLI. Because source maps are associated with the team, only members will have access to them.

Create recordings programmatically

Record Node scripts and Playwright and Puppeteer tests in CI with API Keys. With Replay, you can record the flakey test once and debug it directly.

Open source communities

Teams are a safe way for open source communities to receive private replays that only maintainers will be able to view. Email and we'll cover the cost.
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Organization Plan

The organization plan offers additional controls around access to Replay and how replays are recorded.
Account-level access controls
Limit team members by email domain
Disable public recordings
Allow and block recordings on specific domains.

Single Sign On Authentication

Replay handles authentication with Google SSO by default. Additional identity providers and authentication protocols of your choice are available.
Create Organization

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan offers additional flexibility on data management and higher guarantees on support and service up time.

Own your data

Retain full control of your Replay data. Host a storage bucket that Replay uses to store all of your replays. Revoke and monitor access to your replay data.


Access to dedicated support and a 99.9% uptime commitment for all scheduled availability.
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