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About Replay

Learn where Replay is right now and where we are going next. Find out about our principles and values. Meet the team and discover opportunities to join us on our journey.

Replay here and now

We believe people understand what they can see, and if you cannot see what your software is doing, you cannot understand it. With Replay, we are making software easier to understand whether you are writing your first application, or challenging what’s possible.

Great software development isn’t about 10x more output. It’s about 10x more insight, insight derived from being able to visualize, communicate, and collaborate 10x more effectively.

Replay in the future

We see a world where collaborating with Replay is second nature. When a bug is reported, the bug report includes a replay. When a test fails, there is a link to the replay. When a question is asked on Stack Overflow, teams can discuss it directly in the replay. You see where we’re going with this.

At its heart, Replay provides the unparalleled ability to understand your software. We are sparking fundamental change by challenging the ways we think about software development.

The code behind our code

Integrity, honesty, and decency. Our principles are not aspirations but constraints. They lie behind every action we take, or decision we make. They ensure that we remain true to our course and true to ourselves.
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Embedded values

Our values anchor our aspirations and drive us forward.

We are making software development faster, more accessible, more inclusive, and more exciting. We are dedicated to building a world where everyone is technically literate, a world where we are better equipped to overcome the greatest of challenges.
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Join our journey

Excited by what we are doing? Think you’d be a good match? Great! We’d love to hear from you.
Check out our open roles, or reach out to us at

Meet the Team

We're a distributed company, founded by people who have spent years working on fully distributed teams at companies like Mozilla. We work across the globe, so we focus less on hours and more on building a great product. We build for the long term: it's a relay, not a sprint.

Jason Laster

Jason has contributed to debuggers in several runtimes and prior to Replay was the tech lead for the Firefox Debugger. When not debugging the debugger, you’ll likely find him in the woodworking studio or outside with his pup Walle.
Community Lead

Cecelia Martinez

Cecelia is dedicated to building developer communities that are inclusive, constructive, and make software development a better experience for all. Her role as Community Lead at involves coding, writing, speaking, teaching, and most importantly listening. She is a lead volunteer with Women Who Code FrontEnd, chapter head of Out in Tech Atlanta, a mentor, and part of the GitHub Stars program.

Brian Hackett

Brian has had a longtime passion for helping people understand hugely complex software systems, starting with a Stanford Ph.D. and continuing through 10 years at Mozilla, where he worked on JavaScript VM optimizations and developed a precursor to Replay. He is a nomadic adventurer and enjoys sailing around Polynesia and van travel in the western US with his wife.
Software Engineer

Logan Smyth

Logan loves diving into complex systems, and before Replay they helped maintain BabelJS, and worked on Firefox's developer tools at Mozilla. Outside work they love playing games, reading, and finding interesting new things to learn about.
Software Engineer

Dan Miller

Dan started his career at Etsy where he worked on PHP runtimes and type systems and has been trying to help developers be more productive ever since. When not trying to express the "is a hot dog a sandwich" question using types, he can probably be found hiking or skiing if the weather is nice, otherwise he's probably playing Super Smash Bros.
Software Engineer

Holger Benl

Holger explored the world of programming languages from 6502 machine code to extracting LISP programs from mathematical proofs. These days he's mostly interested in creating developer tools. When he's not working on Replay or one of his VSCode extensions, he likes to read political blogs and books and watch asian movies.
Software Engineer

Kannan Vijayan

Kannan has implemented everything from an IrDA stack for Blackberry devices, to an mRNA sequence analysis platform for biology researchers, to a Javascript JIT for Firefox. Outside of work hours, he is learning his way around creating a nature preserve and small personal farm in a 100-acre patch of exploited land in rural Canada. He has always had his feet in two different worlds at any given time and aims to keep it that way.
Infrastructure Contractor

Sophie Haskins

Sophie helps build the backend infrastructure of Replay. Through her career on infra teams at Etsy, Yelp, and GitHub, she's found the most joy in building systems that focus on the people they support, rather than pure technology. If she gets to share evocative colorful graphs along the way, all the better.
Engineering Manager

Gideon Redelinghuys

Gideon is a South African software enthusiast who studied formal methods. Gideon has also made some detours on his way to Replay via working on the core AWS EC2 team, working and managing the SRE team at Cloudflare, and most recently building software products at the digital product studio Two Bulls.

Jon Bell

Jon has been excited about designing things on the internet since the 80s, and has led design teams at Twitter and Windows Phone. He lives in windy Wellington, New Zealand with his large family and loves writing, teaching classes, playing soccer, and trying to remember how to play the clarinet.
Software Engineer

Ryan Duffy

Ryan hails from the cornfields of the midwest and currently resides in the pacific northwest who enjoys working across the stack at Replay. A generalist at heart, he spends his time away from Replay playing music, camping in the teardrop camper he built, working on his Mini Cooper, finding great food, and trying new things.
Software Engineer

Mark Erikson

Mark lives in southwest Ohio, USA and is a Redux maintainer, creator of Redux Toolkit, and general keeper of the Redux docs. He spends much of his time answering questions about React and Redux anywhere there's a comment box on the internet, and usually hangs out in the Reactiflux chat channels. Mark is also disturbed at the number of third-person references he has written in this bio.
Software Engineer

Brian Vaughn

Brian enjoys building tools that help make other engineers more productive. Before joining Replay, he spent the past several years building and maintaining the React JS developer tools. When he's not writing software, Brian also enjoys making music and running.
GTM Lead

Oliver de Albuquerque

Oliver is making Replay invaluable for companies and dev teams. He’s a UK born US citizen who loves music, art and nature (ask him about salmon and showbonian). Before Replay, he hopped around Google most recently leading BD for Chrome and Web Platform's capabilities effort and prior to that, he stood up a new business line at GLG. He has lived all over - Middle East, UK, Texas and the Midwest but he’s happy to make California his home.
Software Engineer

Travis Arnold

Travis is a traditional graphic designer turned engineer. He enjoys digging into the details of design systems, static analysis, and grid theory. When not hacking on design and code, he loves to spend time with family at the beach playing frisbee with their dog, Wayne.

Our Investors

We are grateful for the support and guidance we are receiving from our institutional investors and angels. Their experience of leading and advising companies such as GitHub, Figma, DataDog, Replit, and Sourcegraph is helping us become even better.