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Replay in the future

We see a world where collaborating with Replay is second nature. When a bug is reported, the bug report includes a replay. When a test fails, there is a link to the replay. When a question is asked on Stack Overflow, teams can discuss it directly in the replay. You see where we’re going with this.

At its heart, Replay provides the unparalleled ability to understand your software. We are sparking fundamental change by challenging the ways we think about software development.

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Replay here and now

We believe people understand what they can see, and if you cannot see what your software is doing, you cannot understand it. With Replay, we are making software easier to understand whether you are writing your first application, or challenging what’s possible.

Great software development isn’t about 10x more output. It’s about 10x more insight, insight derived from being able to visualize, communicate, and collaborate 10x more effectively.

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The code behind our code

Integrity, honesty, and decency. Our principles are not aspirations but constraints. They lie behind every action we take, or decision we make. They ensure that we remain true to our course and true to ourselves.

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Embedded values

Our values anchor our aspirations and drive us forward.

We are making software development faster, more accessible, more inclusive, and more exciting. We are dedicated to building a world where everyone is technically literate, a world where we are better equipped to overcome the greatest of challenges.

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Meet the Team

We're a distributed company, founded by people who have spent years working on fully distributed teams at companies like Mozilla. We work across the globe, so we focus less on hours and more on building a great product. We build for the long term: it's a relay, not a sprint.

Our Investors

We are grateful for the support and guidance we are receiving from our institutional investors and angels. Their experience of leading and advising companies such as GitHub, Figma, DataDog, Replit, and Sourcegraph is helping us become even better.

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