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Your time travel debugger

Record and replay web applications with familiar browser dev tools.
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Record, Collaborate, Inspect

How It Works

As simple as a screen recorder and as powerful as browser developer tools, Replay is the best way to understand your software.
Step 01

Record in the Replay Browser

Simply open the Replay browser, then go to the page you want to record. Record and press save. Share with your teammates via links.
Step 02

Comment in Replay

Replay makes it easy to collaborate with your team and solve bugs fast. Communicate in context, call out surprises, and gain multiple perspectives.
Step 03

Inspect in Replay

DevTools help you see and understand the state of your software at any point in time. Generate hypotheses, break down complex problems, and answer questions fast.
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DevTools you’re familiar with

A new type of debugging environment, inspired by the simplicity of print statements and familiar DevTools.

Inspect messages and events in the Console Panel

Inspect Console logs, errors, and events. Rewind to a log to see the viewport, inspect the state, evaluate expressions, and comment on surprising behavior.

Inspect application state with print statements

Add print statements, play to a console log, and inspect the pause state. Time travel debugging makes it easier to ask questions, get in the flow, and understand what happened.

Inspect React Components

Inspect React component props, state, and hooks. We’re cooking up some big things with the React team!

Inspect Resource Timings

Inspect resource timings, headers, requests, and responses. Play to an API caller or listener to explore the surrounding behavior and call out anything surprising.

Inspect visuals with the Elements Panel

Inspect UI element attributes, styles, and layout at any point in time. Debug and discuss loading states, flickering paints, and visual bugs.
Replay is one of these experiences that first feels like magic – but after squashing your first bugs with it, you will quickly wonder how you ever worked without it.

Harald Kirschner

Product Manager at VS Code

Designed to fityour workflow

Replay is designed to fit into existing workflows, ranging from bug reports, tests in CI, customer support, and Node scripts.

Node Scripts

Record Node scripts from the terminal, cloud, and tests.

Tests in CI

Record Playwright, Puppeteer, and Cypress tests in CI.

Customer Support

Record and securely report user issues to product teams.
I had the privilege of seeing these demos recently, and my mind is blown. These are the tools devs have needed for years.

Rachel Nabors

Community Engineer, React Core Team
Enabled by

Replay’s Runtime Recorder

We’ve spent the past 5 years researching how to record and replay runtimes like Chrome, down to the lowest level. Replay anything. Debug faster.

Universal Recorder

We designed Replay's runtime recorder to be universal so that we can support additional programming languages in the near future.
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SAML / SSO Integration

Encryption at Rest & In-Transit

Multi Factor authentication

Intelligent Threat Monitoring

Least Privilege Access Control

Secure Architecture/ Network Design

Security and Privacy

Protecting your information and privacy is our top priority. We are dedicated to keeping your replay sessions secure at all times.
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Performance + Precision

We ensure the highest level of performance and stability by stress testing top websites thousands of times a day.
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Everyone claims to be magical. Replay is actually magical!

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