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The time-travel debugger from the future.

More than a video. Replay lets you jump to any point in execution, add Console logs on the fly, and squash bugs as a team.

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Async Collaboration

Record once. Never reproduce again.

Replay gives you the power to share what you’re seeing with your team so that they can fix it fast. Because Replay replays the browser down to the level of the event loop, you no longer need to worry about including the steps to reproduce in your bug report. You can simply record the replay, add a couple of comments, and file the issue.

Replay for Teams

Time Travel Debugging

Debug with super powers.

Replay gives you the freedom to see what your application looked like at any point in time. The hardest problems have many twists and turns, nulls and undefineds. With Replay, you can start annotating interesting points in time and narrowing down the problem. It's amazing how much simpler software is when you can time travel.

Replay DevTools

Developer Tools

We took browser DevTools and super charged it with time-travel. Add Console logs on the fly. Jump to any point in time. With time-travel, anything is possible! How Replay replays

Inspect Network requests and view their headers, request and response bodies.Add print statements and view the logs immediately in the Console.

Async Collaboration

Replays are as easy to record as a video. And because anyone can debug a replay, sharing replays with your team lets you avoid needless back-and-forths and collaborate in new ways.

Bug Reports

Add replays to bug reports so that anyone on the team can debug the issue with a single click and you'll never hear "Works for me" again.

“Add to cart” fails when user submits.


Hoverboard flickers when flipping.


Hoverboard should change color mid flip.


Color picker doesn't affect the hoverboard


Text is not selectable


End-to-End Tests Beta

Record your tests in CI and debug them after the fact. You’ll love how easy it is to open the replay and see whether you broke the test or if it was simply flaky.

Pull requests

When you include replays in your PR, they act as preview branches for your code. Reviewers are able to open the replay and see what was going wrong before and how you fixed it.

Hoverboard flickers when flipping.

Recorded by Daniel Miller
floating hoverboard

Hoverboard flips smoothly.

Recorded by Elaine Baylor
floating hoverboard


When you ask a question in Slack and include a replay, your team members are able to open the replay and comment on the code alongside you.

“This tool has a very good chance of creating a new category around collaborative debugging.”

“This tool has a very good chance of creating a new category around collaborative debugging.”

“ is galaxy brain tooling. Real gamechanger.”

“ is the obvious next step for the future of collaborative debugging applications...”

“Awesome to see time-travel debugging in such a usable, intuitive form!”

“Replay first feels like magic, but you quickly wonder how you ever worked without it.”

What the fuck is this, is it the future? Is it the past? Is it now? Don't care this is just freaking amazing!

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Universal & Secure

We’ve spent the past 7 years researching how to record and deterministically replay runtimes securely, performantly, and reliably. The result is a recorder that is enterprise ready and stress tested on the most ambitious applications.

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